Vikram Dileepan



Vikram drives the climate-tech and sustainability solutions investments at Lok. He leverages his past operator experience, utilizing his entrepreneurial spirit and deep passion for advancing technologies that can make a positive impact on the environment and society, to make sound investment decisions at Lok.

Vikram's professional life has seen him as a serial entrepreneur with three startups, including an Ed-tech venture and a pioneering residential rooftop solar startup in India, Solartown. He successfully scaled Solartown to cover more than 500 pin codes in the top 15 tier-1 cities across India, and subsequently sold the company to Sun Edison – where he led the Residential and Small commercial business team. Passionate about climate tech, Vikram has been an angel investor and advisor in climate finance, blockchain technology for CleanTech, zero carbon logistics and electric mobility startups before joining Lok.

Vikram graduated from BITS Pilani and embarked on a unique career journey. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, he sailed across the world as a part of the merchant navy, gaining a global perspective on trade and industry.

In addition to his career, he is a lifelong learner with a passion for exploring new technologies and staying at the forefront of innovation. He also has a keen interest in health and fitness.

Vikram's portfolio includes SuperBottoms.