Vijay Advani



Vijay has been a long-standing friend and well-wisher of Lok since our inception and currently is an Investment Committee member for Lok IV. Vijay, formerly the Executive Chairman of Nuveen, played a pivotal role in shaping the firm's strategic direction and fostering its growth initiatives. With Nuveen managing over $1 trillion in assets, Vijay focused on expanding the firm's impact and ESG investing efforts, nurturing Nuveen Labs' development, and spearheading international expansion endeavours. Prior to his tenure at Nuveen, Vijay held the position of CEO at Franklin Templeton Investments, where his leadership spanned over two decades, overseeing strategic initiatives and managing various facets of investment management, trading, and global retail and institutional channels. His extensive experience also includes advisory roles at the World Bank, where he provided counsel on financial market development and structured financing solutions for governments.