Ambika Narayanan

Vice President


Ambika is a member of the investing team and looks at Lok's investments in fin-tech and food & agri-tech. In addition to investing, she also assists Lok's fund raising & marketing, business integrity, impact and gender initiatives.

Prior to Lok, Ambika spent two years with KPMG's FDD team where she enjoyed interacting with founders and learning about varied business models, forming her interest in working at a fund. During her studies abroad, she refined this intent towards investing as a tool for improving socio-economic outcomes in India.

Ambika has completed a Masters in Finance from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and a BA Economics from Stella Maris, Madras University. She has grown up across Kolkata, Bangalore, Noida and Chennai.

Outside of work, Ambika has a keen interest in all things to do with F&B. She enjoys cooking, making drinks and can be counted on for restaurant recommendations. She also collects vinyl records and enjoys discovering new music.